Linux Boot Disks

A boot disk is a digital data storage medium; removable format. Generally, all the computers have a built-in program which will load and execute the program from a boot disk meeting certain protocols. Typically the Boot disks are used for the data recovery, data purging, BIOS flashing and Software demonstration etc.Linux is a straightforward desktop operating system with a list of professional quality productivity tools which are used for the creation of the documents, spreadsheets, presentations, image editing etc. Most of the common business tasks can be done easily on the Linux system.

Linux is well adapted to a business by running several popular desktop distributions which are available from a live CD. The most refined and a user-friendly desktop system is known to be Ubuntu includes each and every application. The business productivity apps are especially used for the multimedia editing, web design, running databases, serving up the WebPages and chatting in online.

One of the well known Linux based package known to be System Rescue CD mainly used for the troubleshooting Linux and Windows systems. It supports many versions including the NTFS file systems and comes along with the troubleshooting, file editing, and boot loader restoration tools.